WWE SuperCard Season 5

To quickly brief you about “WWE SuperCard” this is one of the card game inspired from the real characters in a featuring reality show. As the reality show and their starsreached major population, it leaded to the evolution of this game. This was developed and published by Cat Daddy Games and 2K games. This can be downloaded through App store, Google Play store and Amazon App store.

Gaming Modes

This game have several modes which were introduced at each season and few were discontinued when progressing to new seasons.

Wild Mode - King of the Ring - Road to Glory - Ring Domination and the other two modes which were discontinued are People’s Champion Challenge &Team People’s Champion Challenge.

Seasons & Features of WWE SuperCard Season 5

Season 1:

In this the players to have keep on collecting their favorite stars, divas, legends etc. to go ahead for different modes. So as the players win a match they would collect new cards. You have the king of the ring mode, where by forming teams and participating in higher levels leads to rewards and higher rankings.

Season 2:

It had few more superstars added to it, with few enhancement in king of the ring mode. Other features like Ring Domination, Money in the Bank and People’s Champion Challenge mode were introduced.Also the tokens and multi-charge enhancements were made. It had the option of fusing the cards from season 1 to season 2.

Season 3:

Wild Mode, Royal Rumble, Team Battleground modes were introduced however the People’s Champion Challenge was discontinued. Also in this season emoji were introduced which gives an option to engage with other players.

Season 4:

This season comprises of Elimination Chamber mode, Women’s Royal Rumble and LastMan standing mode. Apart from which three new card tiers were added.It came up with 250 new cards which comprises of WWE and NXT superstars.

Season 5:

It is the latest version launched in December 2018 with many new features. Below listed are some of the new features ofWWE SuperCard season 5.

  • One of which would be the SuperStar tiers of Gothic, neon and Shattered. Added are new more stars. So you are going to have your currently popular male and female stars of WWE. So this is going to be ultimate deck for all players.
  • Also the players would receive rewards based on the date the player created their WWE SuperCard account.
  • And in Season 5 Hardened is the starting point. This definitely doesn’t replace the common cards, but it is just going to be starting point in this season.
  • When it comes to already earned legacy cards this would be carried over to Season 5 as well.
  • In order to have your cards managed and prioritized, you will have a separate menu “MyCards”
  • Just to accommodate your regular, legacy and promotional fusion cards you would have “Multi-Fusion” chamber.
  • Apart from which the player can display their card collection through the Card Catalog.

To conclude, this games comprises of more impressive features and rewards for the players to keep them engaged.Though already millions of people are playing this game, still they attract more crowd by their advanced features and modes in every season. Also Visit WWE Supercard hack tool

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